It all started in a small club in Zurich's Kreis 5...


THe First Ynight at BLOK Zurich, feat. Stephen Malinowski

Blok, Zurich, October 2012: a crew of musicians - classically trained, DJs, electronic musicians -, designers, bankers, cultural managers, innovation specialists and journalists launched a new, independent Classical-in-Club series. The club was completely sold-out, the evening a huge success. And it was only the start.

COuntertenor Andreas Scholl at the Ynight "Dark Soul"

COuntertenor Andreas Scholl at the Ynight "Dark Soul"

Since then, the Ynight laboratory has produced programs with mostly classical music featuring artists such as countertenor Andreas Scholl, violinist Vilde Frang, pianists Tamar Halperin, Julien Quentin and Michael Wendeberg or Björk-visualizer Stephen Malinowski, programs with indie classical music by Judd Greenstein, Missy Mazzoli and with artists such as Shara Worden or Nik Bärtsch and experimental electronic-classical programs with artists such as Gabriel Prokofiev, Valgeir Sigurdsson, Feldermelder or DJ Goldfinger Brothers.

See "Programs" for more details and video clips.

See "References" for partners and commissioners of the Ynight.



Ynight Basics

What – Classical in Club
Core Team – 3
Length – 2-6 hours total


Classical Music
Indie Classical Music             Hosting
Music Visualizations

Possible: Dance

See "What is the Ynight" for more details.