Programs & Clips


Ynight "Music Animation Machine" feat. Stephen Malinowski

Music by: Giovanni Sollima, J.S.Bach, Claude Debussy, J. Brahms, Judd Greenstein, Radiohead

VJ: Jones Mettler, DJ: Nik! or Soult, Music Animation Machine

With: Michael Wendeberg, Piano; Hosts: Nadja Schnetzler, Daniel Frei

The first Ynight, an eclectic mix of music with a unique flow and lots of animations by Björk visualizer Stephen Malinowski.

The full Ynight "Music Animation Machine"

Teaser Clip Ynight "Music Animation Machine"


Ynight "Dark Soul" feat. Andreas Scholl, Tamar Halperin and Special Guest Fabian Russ

Music by: John Dowland, Henry Purcell, Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms, Idan Raichel, Billy Joel, Andreas Scholl, Tamar Halperin, Fabian Russ

VJ: Jones Mettler,  DJ: Nik! or Soult, Music Animation Machine

With: Etienne Abelin, Violin; Rafael Rosenfeld, Cello; Hosts: Nadja Schnetzler, Daniel Frei

Grammy-nomminee countertenor Andreas Scholl and double time ECHO-prize winner Tamar Halper spell their magic in a program exploring "dark souls" throughout centuries. For the opening of KlangBasel Festival 2014, electronic music wizard Fabian Russ joined the band with his own hauntingly beautiful compositions.

The full Ynight "Dark Soul" feat. Andreas Scholl and Tamar Halperin

Ynight "Dark Soul" - J. Brahms: Piano Trio C-major op.87, 2nd movement


Ynight "Nonclassical" feat. Gabriel Prokofiev and Nwando Ebizie

Music by: Gabriel Prokofiev, Philip Glass

VJ: Jones Mettler, DJ: Gabriel Prokofiev & Nwando Ebizie, Music Animation Machine

With: Yband; Solme Hong, Cello; Host: Nadja Schnetzler

A Ynight featuring the great composer and DJ Gabriel Prokofiev and his label "Nonclassical". Including the piece "Cello Multitracks" for cello and 8 speakers, remixes by Prokofiev and with a long dance party following the concert part.

Trailer Ynight "Nonclassical" feat. Gabriel Prokofiev and Nwando Ebizie

Ynight "Dance" feat. Vilde Frang, David Orlowsky, Julien Quentin, Liam Byrne & Valgeir Sigurdsson

Music by: L.v.Beethoven, J.S.Bach, B.Bartok, J.Brahms, Valgeir Sigurdsson & Julien Quentin (World Premiere)

VJ: Jones Mettler, DJ: Nik! or Soult, Music Animation Machine

With: Yband; Hosts: Nadja Schnetzler, Daniel Frei

Violinist Vilde Frang with her friends David Orlowsky, Julien Quentin, Andreas Fleck and Etienne Abelin in a colorful classical program before Valgeir Sigurdsson and Liam Byrne embark on an intriguing acoustic journey.

Vilde Frang, David Orlowsky, Julien Quentin and visuals by Jones Mettler

Etienne Abelin, Andreas Fleck, Valgeir Sigurdsson, Liam Byrne & David Orlowsky in music by Valgeir Sigurdsson

Ynight "99 Circular Grooves" feat. Shara Worden and Nik Bärtsch's Mobile EXTENDED

Music by: Shara Worden, Franz Schubert, Nik Bärtsch (World Premiere)

Visuals: Daniel Eaton

With: Yband

As part of the first edition of the Apples & Olives Indie Classical Festival Zurich, Shara Worden performs her songs with the Yband. The slow movement of Franz Schubert's String Quintet in C-major then morphs into the first piece of Nik Bärtsch's Mobile EXTENDED, a world premiere. The Rhein-Nektar newspaper in Germany wrote about the second performance of the band: "It's impossible to attend 80 "Enjoy Jazz"-concerts but from all that has been going on so far, this evening was not only the highlight of the festival but probably also a highlight Europe-wide. As good as it gets." 

Ynight "99 Circular Grooves" feat. Shara Worden

Ynight  "Circular Grooves" feat. Nik Bärtsch's Mobile Extended

Ynight "Swissness" feat. Marena Whitcher, Nicolas Stocker & Kaleidoscope String Quartet

Music by: The artists of the night

With: Daniel Eaton, Light Design & Video

For the opening of the 2nd Apples & Olives Indie Classical Festival 2016, top Swiss indie classical artists present new projects: Whitcher&Stocker had its official premiere at this Ynight and the KSQ features new work with video.

Whitcher&Stocker ©Andrea Ebener

Whitcher&Stocker ©Andrea Ebener

Film: Kapuly Dietrich, Nicole Pfister Camera: Simon Kuhn Assistant Camera: Cédric Widmer Edit: Nicole Pfister Dancer: Markus Oppermann Music: David Schnee



Ynight "Waves" feat. Gilles Apap & Meduoteran

Music by: J.S. Bach, E. Ysaye, G. Apap, Arikan & Folk

With: VJ Niculin Brandulin; DJ Bob Rock (balkanekspress)

The great and wild violinist Gilles Apap meets the Balkan duo Meduoteran in this Ynight that explores the interface of classical music, improvisation and folk.

Ynight feat. Duo Meduoteran



Ynight "Brahms, Berg & Endlos reComposed by Feldermelder" feat. Feldermelder

Music by: Missy Mazzoli, J. Brahms, J.Brahms/arr. Feldermelder, A.Berg/arr. Feldermelder (World Premiere)

With: Host Rosanna Grüter

Swiss electronica artist Feldermelder reComposed music for clarinet and string quartet by J. Brahms and A. Berg specifically for this experimental Ynight that starts with a string trio by indie classical composer Missy Mazzoli.


Feldermelder and Host Rosanna Grüter


Ynight "Hoe Down" feat. Janiv Oron, Christoph Dangel and DJs Goldfinger Brothers

Music by: Andy Akiho, Philip Glass, John Adams, Janiv Oron & Christoph Dangel

VJ: Jones Mettler, DJ: Nik! or Soult, Music Animation Machine

With: Yband, Quarteto Versus, Orfeas Hiratos (clarinet)

A Ynight with American minimal and post-minimal music: the spectacular "LIgnEouS" by Andy Akiho for Marimba and string quartet followed by "Company" by Philip Glass. In the center of the evening is the chamber orchestra piece "Gnarly Buttons" by John Adams, followed by experimental electronica music by Swiss electronica artist Janiv Oron together with cellist Christoph Dangel. Dance party afterwards with DJ Goldfinger Brothers.

Ynight "Hoe Down"

Ynight "Winter" feat. Luzia Von Wyl Ensemble & Brian Archinal

Music by: Steve Reich, Peteris Vasks, Luzia Von Wyl

VJ: Jones Mettler, DJ: Nik! or Soult

With: Luzia Von Wyl Ensemble, Brian Archinal, Michael Wendeberg; Host: Daniel Frei

A winter evening with the Swiss indie classical/jazz ensemble of Luzia Von Wyl, with intro on Marimba by Brian Archinal and Michael Wendeberg on piano.

Ynight "Winter" - Jonas Iten and Simon Heggendorn


Ynight "Sommeil" feat. Dave Jegerlehner

Music by: Renaissance Artists, Dave Jegerlehner (World Premiere) and La Bombe

DJ Dave Jegerlehner aka Dave Eleonor

With: Yband; Hosts: Rebekka Meyer, Josi Sieber

Another world premiere is in the center of this Ynight: "sommeil" by young Swiss composer Dave Jegerlehner for Cello, Live-Electronics and Visuals. Surrounded by ambient Renaissance tunes.

Ynight feat. Dave Jegerlehner

Ynight feat. La Bombe

Hosting: Josi Sieber & Etienne Abelin