See what the press and our guests are saying about the Ynight

No suits and stiff ties. Why is classical music not always so unaffectedly honest, so cutting edge? Best of the Year!
— Tagesanzeiger Zürich
The Ynight is exactly what was missing in the Swiss concert landscape.
— Tagesanzeiger Zürich
I must firstly tell you how amazing the Ynight was... The event rocked, it was so amazing to see the people involved on the project...their commitment and enthusiasm..GREAT!
My wife Ursula was blown away, and has spread the word like wildfire:-)
— Gareth Knott, Designer
Once again, congratulations on this project! It was great fun taking part in it - overwhelming vibes!!
— Vilde Frang, Violinist
Thank you for an epic day last Thursday. The concert was one of the best, most moving of my life. I’m still rocked!
— James Isaacs, Teacher
Having the Ynight streamed in your office is awesome!
— Michael Jarjour, Journalist, New York